Fort Collins City Council Gives PUD Overlay Initial Approval

The Fort Collins City Council passed an ordinance on first reading to create an optional Planned Unit Development (PUD) process and regulations within the Land Use Code applicable to parcels 50 acres or greater in size being developed in multiple phases.

The goals of creating a PUD Overlay are to add flexibility in site design not available in traditional procedures in return for the provision of significant public benefits, allow for land use flexibility beyond the underlying zone district use restrictions, ability for extending vested property rights to land use and density, and modifications to development standards, promote innovative, high-quality community design, and address the unique challenges with large developments constructed in phases.

Cameron Gloss, the City’s Planning Manager, said the PUD Overlay is a regulatory process that won’t be used by many developers because it is rigorous and expensive. Nonetheless, Councilors Cuniff and Overbeck had voiced concern earlier, arguing more public engagement should be considered, although ultimately, they voted in support of the ordinance. Note: The developers of the proposed Montava project may choose the PUD Overlay option, and this development was referenced multiple times during Council’s conversations about this new regulatory tool.

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