Boulder County Affordable Housing Plan Will Require $400 Million

It will take $400 million to fund Boulder County’s Regional Housing Partnership’s Regional (Affordable) Housing Strategy according to an article recently published in the Boulder Daily Camera. The money would fund the Regional Housing Partnership’s (RHP) goal of building 12,000 more homes by 2035. That is the number of additional homes needed to meet the objective of assuring 12 percent of the county’s housing inventory is permanently affordable.

Kristin Hyser, the manager of the RHP has suggested that the City of Boulder increase its 10 percent housing goal to match the RHP’s 12 percent benchmark. Longmont’s City Council recently agreed in principle to a 12 percent inclusionary housing mandate to align with the RHP’s goal.

The question remains as to how this funding would be created. It is likely the RHP will advocate for a new county-wide sales tax dedicated to affordable housing. While Boulder County and nine municipalities have passed resolutions supporting the RHP’s goals, it is unclear if these same governments would support placing a sales tax increase on the ballot.

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