Everlance Revisited

In April 2017, IRES partnered with Everlance to make keeping track of your expenses as easy as possible 🎉.

Everlance replaces the shoebox of receipts and paper mileage log by tracking your expenses automatically, which means all you need to do is swipe a trip or expense to the left if it’s personal or to the right if it’s for business. Everlance is a set it and forget it solution so you can focus on real estate instead of doing paper work.

The average Everlance user records over $3,500 a year in deductions – watch the 2 minute video below to see how it works.

🚗  Swipe to classify your trips or manually enter them by tapping the ‘+’ button.

🏦  Snap photos of receipts or connect your bank/credit card for other business expenses.

📊  Export your data for reimbursements or taxes at any time.

Do I have to pay for Everlance?

There are two versions of the app. Many power users choose to upgrade and pay a monthly fee which is how Everlance makes money. There are also many people who are perfectly happy with the free version, but if you’d like to upgrade we’ve negotiated a special discount which is unlocked by the co-branded version of the app you can download below.

We encourage you to check out the app (it’s free) and if you have any questions you can contact their support team at support@everlance.com

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