The Art of Becoming a Foster Failure


Beauty From Ashes: The “Tail” of Molly the Labrador

In the real estate industry, we understand that work and life go hand in hand.  Our industry observes the quest to house the lives of those who require our services. These services find others a home for family, pets, work, a fresh start or a new story. As real estate professionals, our involvement in this industry is not solely a matter of brick and mortar, but rather the organic side of real estate: people.

Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES, shares with us a story, bearing her own humanity in the wake of the loss of her beloved bulldog. Her story parallels our work industry; involving a new home, a fresh start and a new story told throughout her healing process.

Enter, Molly the Labrador.

Molly relaxes in the cool Colorado breeze with her tennis balls.

July 2017 brought the opportunity for Hansen to foster a 12 year old Labrador Retriever. The Greeley Tribune has published the story of Molly and how Hansen has earned the title of a “Foster Failure”. Please enjoy this heartwarming story of Molly and her new life, told through the eyes of her new family.

We are so proud to have a CEO that adopted this beautiful senior dog.

Read the article here:

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