Keeping Up with Listing Performance through ListTrac

IRES MLS Listing Tracker gives you an apples-to-apples comparison of listing traffic, leads, saved listings, shares, duration, viewing locations and MORE. Sites included are MySite,, and various IDX sites. If you don’t see your IDX vendor on the report, contact them to encourage their participation.

In addition, automatically send the Seller Report to show your sellers how their online marketing is progressing. 

You can access ListTrac from the IRESis Reports Menu.  For complete information on ListTrac, please visit the IRESis Learning Center or give us a call!

Here’s our weekly snapshot (06/12-06/19) of listing performance for the IRESis market.

Categories At-A-Glance
  • Listings viewed 195,197 times
  • Listings viewed 36,234 times
  • Listings viewed 668,043 times
  • 52 Leads generated
  • 41 Leads generated
  • 90 Leads generated
  • Listings shared 67 times on social media
  • Listings shared 44 times on social media
  • Listings shared 0 times on social media
  • Listings saved 3,123 times
  • Listings saved 79 times
  • Listings saved 0 times

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