Contacts Dashboard-Everything You Need to Know

We are constantly researching and implementing new technologies for our customers — the brokers and agents of Northern Colorado. Our latest project began early this year, with the goal of updating our contacts platform.

IRESis provides a great deal of valuable information which shows you how engaged your contact is with the information you provide them.  We have brought these components to the Contacts Dashboard to quickly and easily see information that shows the ROI of the most valuable currency you as a broker have:  Time.

Getting Started

Let’s take a few minutes to get to know the Contacts Dashboard.  We start this by locating “Contacts Beta under the Contacts + menu at the top of your page.

NOTE:  We will run both versions of Contacts in parallel through Wednesday June 20 when we turn off the old Contacts system and Contacts Beta becomes Contacts Dashboard.

 Landing page

When you log on, you will see a new landing page with an activity feed as the focal point, which allows you to see the most recent activity by your clients. Then, you’ll see tabs across the top with “Contacts Activity Feed,” MySite & Prospects” and “Contracts.” The sidebar on the left of the screen is a quick reference of your contacts.



Contacts Activity Feed

The “Contacts Activity Feed” tab allows for more information where you can include birthdays and anniversaries for outreach. Users also have the ability to add reminders to your notes for custom follow-ups with your client.

Activity Feed features include

  • Follow-up note reminders for specific Contacts
  • Expiring Prospect Searches
  • MySite listing activity
  • MySite notes activity
  • Prospect Search results
  • Upcoming birthdays or anniversaries

 MySite & Prospects

The middle tab brings MySite and Prospects together for convenience that make a broker’s work life so much easier. MySite and Prospects themselves have not changed. However, now, we bring their functionality together so they work side-by-side and complement each other.

With the updates we made, brokers can:

  • Easily click right into a MySite report.
  • Have the ability to extend an expiration date in a Prospect search.
  • Quickly pull summary reports so you no longer have to dig within the platform to find them.
  • Utilize a more powerful filter and identify who has registered for MySite and discover which Prospect searches remain active.

Our goal was not to recreate MySite and Prospects, but rather have the two functions work better together as well as streamline the two for brokers. This new platform does that.


We also added the Contracts tab. When you go into “Contracts,” you will see that it is the central location for all of your legal documents and contracts for a client. From the moment they retain your services to signing the purchase agreement.

All of those documents will be in this repository and easy to access.

 Other Functions

There are a few other functions you will see when you check out the new contacts platform. The sidebar allows users to group their contacts into customized segments. For the first time, the platform allows brokers to delete multiple contacts at once. An added feature includes a warning if a broker is trying to delete a prospect or contact that still has some scheduled activity remaining.

Brokers can also bulk add or remove contacts from groups. Common groups include “buyers”, “sellers” and “investors”.

TIP: consider “Past Clients” or “Summer 2018” to be able to filter Contacts easily.


We have several short webinar classes scheduled for June as well as 2 updated Automate Client Searches with MySite & Prospects in-house training sessions that offer 2 hrs CE credits.  You can find these classes and register for them here.

We’re always looking for great ideas to enrich and streamline your work within the IRES MLS system.  Please do consider submitting your ideas to

Happy Selling!

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