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Your IRES customer relations team is available to you in a variety of ways:  Via phone (800-596-4901 or 970-593-9002), LIVE CHAT (see home screen link on, via FEEDBACK (located next to HELP at the top of the screen) Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time.   We know that a broker’s work is never done, so let’s talk about the other ways that we are here to help!

IRES has a robust Help library in place. 

Every function of IRESis has been thoroughly documented through HELP.  Help is always available when working in IRESis, located in the top right of the IRESis screen, and is dynamically linked to the page being viewed at any given time within the system.  That takes one step out of the process – you’ll already be linked to the

Help topic in IRESis.

 How to access: Click the Help link from any screen in the MLS system.   The topic displayed will be Help for the screen you are currently viewing.  But wait – there’s more:

  • Table of Contents: If you would like to view another Help topic, at the top left hand side of the screen is a button called Table of Contents. In addition to Welcome, each Tab in the system appears as a book in the table of contents. If you click on a book, the topics associated with that book will be displayed.  If you click on a topic name, the Help for that topic will appear in the window to the right.
  • Index button: The Index works just like an index at the back of a book.  You can scroll through the Index using the scroll bar to the right, or you can type the word/topic you are looking for in the Type in the keyword to find The Index will search for the word/topic as you type it and will display the closest match. Click on the desired topic and it will appear in the window to the right.
  • Search button or field: Search allows you to enter a word or phrase and the Help system will display all the topics that contain that particular word or phrase. Simply type the word or phrase into the Type in the word(s) to search field and press Enter. Click on the desired topic and it will appear in the window to the right.
  • Hide the Table of Contents: If you do not want to view the Navigation tools, click on the X at the top of the pane. If you want to view the Navigation tools again, simply click the desired button.

Learning Center.

Located under the RESOURCES tab in IRESis, the Learning Center contains a wealth of information at your fingertips. Peruse instructional materials such as training guides and videos at any hour of the day.   (If you have trouble viewing the videos, you may need to download Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash Player.)   Select a tab to view specific training options on topics such as Getting Started, Advanced Tools, Sell a Property, etc.

  • Sign up for classes on the right side of the screen
  • Chat with an IRES representative via the LiveChat link
  • Access the Glossary from the link at the top, right side of the screen (Also available through Resources tab)
  • See the latest enhancements (Also available through Resources tab as “Great Tips”)
  • View computer help
  • Link to IRES social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Here’s a great exercise to test out HELP:  Quickly access our entire library of video files by searching ‘VIDEOS’ in IRESis Help.  Consider brushing up on a topic or sharing the content at your next office meeting.

Drawing of a megaphone and talk bubble with we are here to help handwritten surrounded by icons

IRES MLS.  We’re here to help!

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