New Contacts Export, New Form for Contracts, Stats Available

New Export Feature Introduced to Contacts

IRESis Subscribers can now export contacts with a click of a button!  Once on the Contacts and Prospects screen, simply click on “Export Contacts” in the grey header and all your contacts will download into a .csv file.  This file type is easily imported into other systems, including ePropertyWatch!

Quick Tip:  Files downloaded from the browser can be found in the “Downloads” folder of most computers.  Your browser will also indicate a successful download either at the bottom of the screen or top right corner as indicated in the illustration below.

SPD19C Form Now available through IRESis Contracts

On February 6, DORA released a new “Seller Property Disclosure” form specific to Commercial properties.  This form has been uploaded into the IRESis Forms library.

IRESis Stats:  Zip Profiles Posted

Zip Profiles Stats have been updated with the latest statistical information.  These reports, along with other IRESis Statistical reports are found under REPORTS>Statistics in IRESis. Don’t forget the wealth of information found in Help for IRESis Statistics.

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