RatePlug is a FREE tool for brokers that is integrated with IRESis and displays real-time, property-specific mortgage payment and product information from your lending partners directly to your clients through MySite and emailed “1 Per Page” and “1 Page Photos” property reports.

The #1 MLS integrated technology platform, RatePlug connects agents, home buyers, and loan originators. When agents connect with lenders to participate in RatePlug, the result is the 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home isn’t only $225,000. It’s $1,375.87 per month including principal, interest, taxes, and HOA.

RatePlug also displays special financing prequalification in the agent dash board for all properties listed within IRES MLS. Subscribers now can easily identify which properties qualify for FHA, VA, and USDA, programs. RatePlug also generates property flyers for any property listed within the MLS.

1) How do I sign up?

You can activate at https://www.rateplug.com/agent_signup1.asp?Name=IRESMLS

2) How many Loan Officers can be displayed on property listings?

Up to 3 originators rates and products can be displayed on an individual listing.

3) Is there a cost to a Loan Officer to be part of the program?

Yes, RatePlug plans start as low as $39 per month. Ask your Loan Officer to visit our plans and pricing page or contact a RatePlug specialist to learn more.

4) What if the Loan Officer I refer does not enroll in the program?

You will be notified via email. We then will suggest you invite additional lenders you know to participate.

5) Does RatePlug display information of Loan Officers that I do not select?

No. Only you determine which lending partners are displayed to your clients.

6) Does RatePlug only display on my inventory?

RatePlug will display on any listing when you email it or post it to MySite whether or not you are the listing agent.

7) Will the “Activate Live Rates” link show to my clients if I don’t want to sign up?

No.  This link only appears within IRESis until you enroll with RatePlug.

8) Do you have a step-by-step demo on how to access RatePlug in the MLS?

Yes, Click on the following link to view a demo on how to access RatePlug. IRESMLS / RatePlug Reference Guide

JP Pleitner; Product Manager, IRES, LLC.

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