IRESis: Going Mobile

In today’s fast-paced modern world, staying connected is more important than ever. Technological advances are improving our ability to remain connected and making our jobs easier. Today, a number of devices, from smartphones to tablets, ensure we’re able to remain productive whether we’re at the office or not.

Whatever your preferred device, real estate brokers are constantly on the go, so mobile functionality and remote access to listing information has never been more important than it is today. According to Properties Online, 62 percent of agents would like their MLS to expand their technology and service offerings. The local real estate industry recognized this need, and over the last few years, IRESis underwent numerous iterations to meet this significant community need. Now, the mobile site has the most functionality its ever had.

Long gone are the days of printing out a myriad of listings or lugging around your hefty laptop in order to show your appointments. Today, staying connected to every client and every listing is easier than ever before as much of IRES’ desktop functionality has been incorporated into the upgraded mobile site.

IRESis Mobile’s enhanced functionality allows brokers to work from anywhere — on their smartphone or any mobile device. These enhanced offerings give our brokers an advantage over other real estate agents, as it allows them to stay competitive, respond to client needs faster, and save time and money.

New Mobile Features

  • New Screen Design and Flow
    We made significant changes to IRESis Mobile in order to make it more intuitive and easier to use. It’s like having a user-friendly version of IRESis, with enhanced functionality and built-in features, right in your pocket.
  • Improved Map Functionality
    The live map interacts with a new listing panel that slides in
  •  and out. Additionally, on the map, brokers are now able to zoom in on cities, zip codes, addresses and MLS numbers. Before, if you didn’t manually enter the property properly, you wouldn’t be able to find the listing. Now, simply type in a city or zip code and the map will move to that location, or enter an MLS # or an address and a list of matches will appear.
  • Ability to Edit Listings & Listings Differentiators
    Listings change in real time and the ability to update them on the spot is crucial. We added a number of additional fields to IRESis Mobile that allow agents to edit their listings in real time. We also added the ability to edit listing comments, the paragraph of information that brokers write, telling potential buyers about the house, and broker remarks, the private, MLS-only comments that other brokers can see (info about commissions, bonuses, etc.)

In addition, A/B and A/F listings are designed differently and are a different shade of green on the map to differentiate them from active

  • Carts
    Another big functionality brokers clamored for was a “cart.” Like a shopping cart on Amazon, IRESis carts allow brokers to open, create, add and delete listings all within each cart. Create carts for individual clients, areas, types of properties, etc.Now, when you save listings in one of your carts, when you go to show those homes, you can access that cart from your phone or tablet to easily see which listings you’re showing or going to visit.


  • Ability to Select Multiple Listings in Listing Panel and Detail Screen and Send via Email, MySite, Carts and CloudCMA
    No one wants to look at just one home, do they? Before, you could only select and send one listing at a time, so we created a way for brokers to check multiple listings and post multiple listings to MySite, their carts, Cloud CMA as well as send multiple listings via email. Now, you can send as many listings as you want, reducing the need for unnecessary emails that inundate your clients’ inboxes.


  • Open Houses Added
    Say a property your client is interested in is having an open house on Saturday, and your client wants to see the house. Now, the open house feature allows brokers to enter when they plan to host an open house on a listing and other brokers can simply take their clients to the open house.

While the IRESis site is extremely robust, it’s becoming much easier to perform some of the same tasks our site does on a smartphone or tablet. You can zoom to your location or tell us where you want to go; select and send as many listings as you want via email, MySite or CloudCMA; open, create, add and delete listings with carts; edit listings on the go as well as execute other additional tasks — all from your smartphone or tablet!

Real estate industry professionals deserve the optimal tools to serve the needs of well-informed buyers and sellers. More features will continue to be added with demand, so you can continue to elevate your ability to serve your clients.

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