RatePlug Now Available to IRESis Subscribers

Better qualify your homebuyers and close faster

RESPA compliant co-marketing platform. Included with your IRES MLS subscription.

RatePlug provides homebuyers with live, interactive mortgage payment information based on accurate Interest rates, property taxes, insurance and assessments for each property listing they view. Agents benefit with the following benefits/features:

Interactive Rate Calculators in your IRES MLS Listings

example of an interactive mortgage rate calculator embedded in a MLS listing

Turn passive buyers into active buyers with accurate monthly cost-to-own estimates customized with rates and products from your most trusted lenders.

Far too many closings fail due to financing. Protect your time and  effort by engaging a trusted lender that uses RatePlug to help you close faster. Unlike typical mortgage payment calculators, RatePlug displays interactive mortgage rates in emails sent from IRESis and on MySite and leverages the full property detail available within the MLS to calculate monthly affordability. This monthly cost to own includes the full PITI, HOA, and other costs based upon multiple financing options. When your home-buyers say “we can afford that” they are more likely to make an offer.

How is RatePlug displayed within the MLS?

The screenshot below shows how RatePlug will display within MySite with a RatePlug account. Click through the View Live Rates link in order to see a live demo. You can then enter the Estimated Sales Price and Down Payment and hit calculate to see RatePlug in action.

**This is a sample of a RatePlug display. Rate and mortgage information is for illustration purposes only.

Custom Real Estate Property Flyers

Included at no-extra cost. Now when you list a new property in IRES MLS, your lending partner has the ability to create co-branded professional real estate flyers to support your open houses and other co-marketing activities.

There are multiple compliant co-marketing flyer templates available

More Control with your Listings

Worried about sending your buyers to lenders you do not know? RatePlug does not display random lenders on your listings like other real estate sites do. You decide which lenders are displayed on your listings. Even better, all compliance issues are handled by the RatePlug system.

  • Get alerts and when zero, or low down payment options are available on the property listing (FHA, VA, USDA, or other niche lending products).
  • Dynamically request open house flyers that show affordability and special financing – customized for each of your listings.
  • Post your listings with monthly payment information included on social media

Compliant Co-Marketing


RatePlug’s list of participating banks, credit unions, and lending companies now exceeds 800 entities. Each of these lending companies has evaluated and approved the RatePlug program as compliant.

All RatePlug displays and flyers are archived for 10 years in compliance with the FTC (MAP) guidelines. RatePlug is fully FTC-MAP, TRID, RESPA, and TILA compliant.

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