2017 Holiday Wrap Up

Happy Holidays!  We hope you had a successful 2017 and, to that end, we’d like to recap what IRES accomplished this year to help your business grow. Whether that is buying, selling, appraising or providing support services, you are our priority!  Let’s make sure you didn’t miss any of the updates we put in place.

Payment System – Have you signed up to pay by text with our new payment system? Join the 750+ agents who are taking advantage of this easy payment method, brand new this year.  If not by text, join the thousands of brokers who have signed up for auto-pay. Sign up to do either here.

Everlance – Need a better way to track your mileage and travel expenses in 2018?  The Everlance app is highly rated, can be used for free, or you can upgrade at a discounted rate as an IRES subscriber. Download it here.

Graphiq – Your clients are hungry for information, so don’t forget the wealth of info regarding Schools, Property, Community, Transportation and Market Trends on the Neighborhood tab when viewing a listing detail.  Remind your clients that these visually appealing nuggets are available as links in MySite and on ColoProperty.com®.

High resolution photos – At your option, increase the image file size on your camera because we now accept photos up to 15MB! Clients can browse through your beautiful photos on MySite, ColoProperty.com® and don’t forget, you can display them on YOUR website, too. Ask your website developer to pull them from our data feed to differentiate your site. Consumers love big photos!

Contact filter – If your contact list in IRESis is long, don’t forget the new Search field. Search by name or email address to find your clients quickly.

CMA Improvements – Compare and contrast with more accuracy than ever with all Concessions, Down Payment Assistance fields, Price per Sqft, plus DTO, DOM, CDOM and DTS. Used together, the CMA 3Up and CMA Full offer all you need to calculate and explain that price point.

CTMe Offers – We partnered with CTM eContracts to create an easy offer process between IRES Contracts & CTM eContracts users. Find links to submit your offer for free in IRESis and let us know how it is working for you.

IRES MLS Mobile update: If you haven’t checked it out yet, try IRESis.com on your phone. You’ll find it more intuitive, plus it now includes Carts, ability to edit Comments/Broker Remarks, send multiple listings via email or MySite, and view Open Houses.

If you’d love to see a new feature added to IRESis, click the “Feedback” link in IRESis to let us know. Most of these improvements were added because of user requests!  We’re listening.

Niki Kozak Product Manager

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