Upload A DocuSigned Offer To CTM

If you use DocuSign, have you ever had difficulty making or receiving an offer from a broker who uses CTM eContracts?  We heard your pleas for help and reached out to CTM to see if we could find a solution.  Thanks to great teamwork between the two companies, we did!

We know many of you love the combination of IRES Contracts & DocuSign and don’t want to part with it. We understand, we love it, too!  So, that was a requirement – IRES subscribers must be able to still use DocuSign. And CTM users still needed to use CTM eContracts.

The solution is Smart eContracts, a brand new site developed by CTM and linked into IRESis so you can access it quickly. The short story: Get your offer DocuSigned, upload it to CTM, then submit your offer!  If a CTM user sends you an offer, you’ll receive an email notification – click the link or access the offer via CTM in IRESis.

CTM went one step further than simply streamlining the offer process. Anyone who creates an account automatically receives a 6 month free trial to use several CTM templates, plus the ability create custom templates and share documents. After the 6 months is up, they are offering an introductory rate of $120 per year for their full product.

“Our customers want to focus on clients, not paperwork. We listened and Lauren Hansenworked with CTM software developers to make our two systems, CTM eContracts and IRESis, talk to each other. We are very pleased with the CTM IRES Integration.”
Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO

Register to attend a live webinar
View the “Make An Offer” video to see the details.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.  Ultimately, we hope this new feature makes the offer process more efficient for you and your clients!

Niki Kozak
Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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