CTM IRES Integration Training

CTM is offering live webinars to train IRES subscribers on how to submit an offer to a Listing Agent who uses CTM eContracts! Click one of the links below to register now:

October 9th 2pm-2:15pm

October 10th 2pm-2:15pm

October 11th 3pm-3:15pm

October 12th 2pm-2:15pm

October 13th 1:30pm-1:45pm

October 16th 1:30pm-1:45pm

October 17th 2pm-2:15pm

October 19th 2pm-2:15pm

October 20th 1pm-1:15pm

October 23rd 2pm-2:15pm

October 24th 2pm-2:15pm

October 25th 2pm-2:15pm

October 26th 1:30-1:45pm

October 27th 10am-10:15am


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