Best Kept IRESis Secrets

In a system the size and breadth of there are always secret features you haven’t discovered yet. Let’s uncover a few of the amazing tips that make brokers say, “Oh, wow, I wish I’d known that before!”

Default Search Criteria: Always search for Residential properties or within a certain location? On any search screen, you can name one saved search “Default”. Once saved, every time you open that screen your default search criteria loads automatically. So easy! Click “New” (top toolbar) to remove all criteria and start with a clean slate.

Search Bar: Need to search active listings by address or MLS#? Quick Search is great but it includes all statuses. Instead, look for the “MLS# or Address” search bar located in the top, blue toolbar. Enter the Street # and the system pulls active listing matches. Works for MLS numbers, too.

Preferences Screen: All kinds of cool tidbits in here! Increase your session time up to 8 hours, change your MySite color to match your brand, create email signature blocks, increase the number of listings that load in the Report Window, and MORE. Find it by clicking your name in the top right corner.

Mimic: Need staff or another broker to access your account and get some work done for you? Since you can’t share your password, Mimic allows them to easily switch to your account. Click your name in the top right corner to access Mimic User. Contracts Mimic is similar but separate (for your protection) and can be accessed by clicking the “gear” icon in the Contracts system toolbar.

Contract Templates/Date Helper: Tired of calculating good Dates & Deadlines for each offer? Once you set up your Date Helper in a template, just enter the Acceptance and Closing dates and with the click a button, voila, the rest of the dates are calculated for you automagically! Alerts are given for weekends. Watch the instructional video.

Export Dates & Deadlines: Once your offer is accepted, click the “Export Dates” button to export the Dates & Deadlines in an attractive PDF or export a calendar file (.ics) to import into your calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook). Watch the instructional video.

Resources Menu: The Learning Center is chock full of educational materials including videos, PDF’s, and links to outside resources. The Glossary provides definitions of many IRESis, real estate, and tech industry terms. If you get stuck and need quick screen instructions click the “Help” link for details about that specific screen.

We hope you have discovered a little gem that will make your life easier from now on!

Niki Kozak
Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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