Press Release: IRES Partners with CTM to Create New CTMe Product Offering

IRESis and CTM eContract users can now easily send offers to one another with the new CTM IRES Integration

Loveland, Colo. – Oct. 4, 2017 – IRES, Colorado’s regional MLS system serving the Front Range, announced today that IRES and CTM eContracts has partnered to develop CTM IRES Integration.

Brokers who subscribe to IRES will be able to access CTM IRES Integration through a link in the IRESis contracts system where they will be able to easily upload offers using DocuSign, email the CTMe user when an offer is made and cross collaborate with the listing agent throughout the buying process. The platform allows both CTM eContracts and IRESis contracts users to make, accept, reject and counter offers, as well as download offers and upload documents into DocuSign for signatures. All notifications for CTMe and IRESis users are made via email.

“Our customers want to focus on clients, not paperwork. We Lauren Hansenlistened, and we worked with CTM software developers to make our two systems, CTM eContracts and IRESis, talk to each other. We are very pleased with CTM IRES Integration,” said Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES. “This has the potential to radically improve the real estate industry in Colorado and streamline the home buying process for brokers and consumers.”

Thousands of brokers throughout Colorado utilize CTM eContracts. This partnership will further enable the exchange of documents between CTM and the IRES MLS, improving  convenience and accuracy for all involved.

CTM IRES Integration

Existing eContracts/CTMOne Users:

If the IRES user already has a CTM eContracts account, they will be automatically logged in to CTM eContracts and will have access to all the features and functionality they have had in the past.

New Users:
If the IRES user does not have an existing CTM eContracts account, they will be prompted to create one. This new account will entail a free trial of our Smart eContracts application for 6 months.

The free trial of CTM IRES Integration will provide access to a full suite of functionality, including the ability to:

  • create both listings and sale transactions, including access to several DORA templates including CTM CBS templates
  • counter, reject, and/or accept contracts
  • communicate and collaborate with listing, buying and other agents
  • create and manage custom contract templates
  • notify both agents of eSigned shared documents
  • share and exchange documents
  • create and manage miscellaneous contracts

Training and support will be readily available to IRES and CTM users.

  • Trainings: Live and pre-recorded webinars. Watch the video now.
  • Support: CTM customer support (open M-F: 8am to 8pm and Sat/Sun: 8:30am – 5:30pm)

Once the introductory free trial has expired, users can license the software at an introductory rate of $120 for one year. A free, limited version will also be available that will only provide the ability to submit offers to existing eContracts listing agents.

“Our goal at CTM Software has always been to make real estate transactions as streamlined and efficient as possible,” said Claudio Rielo, CEO of CTM Software. “Partnerships between CTM Software and MLSs like IRES allow us to offer the best user experience to our agents in common.”

About IRES

Founded in 1996 by five Boards and Associations of REALTORS® in Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Loveland/Berthoud, IRES is the MLS provider for those areas as well as Estes Park and Logan County. Today’s IRES subscribers enjoy a menu of services and modules, including Contracts, Showings, Prospect websites and CloudCMA, that are typically third-party options offered at an additional charge. IRES serves more than 6500 real estate professionals throughout northern Colorado, and a recent satisfaction survey of IRES users revealed 92 percent are either Extremely Satisfied or Satisfied with the IRES MLS system.

About CTM eContracts

Founded in 2004 in Colorado, CTM Software develops innovative applications committed to provide the most revolutionary technology in the real estate market.  CTM has been a pioneer in electronic signature technology, which has been rapidly adopted by the real estate community and has served to further the efficiency of the home selling/buying process.  CTM has a strong reputation in the Colorado Real Estate market, and will continue to offer superior products to real estate professionals worldwide.

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