Navigate Through Low Inventory: New Home Source

Low inventory taking a bite out of your sales activity?  Navigate this tight market with a “hidden” home source. Nationwide, only 50% of new construction homes will be entered into an MLS.  Therefore, unless you are very familiar with construction projects, many new homes are completely off the grid to you and your clients.

Steer over to New Home Source Professional, located under the IRESis Search menu. Search for new construction by city, with map shapes, various filters and view listings in different display formats.  Agent-only tools provide you with access to information directly from builders, including available commissions, registration, and agent promotion information.

Feel insecure about selling new construction?  Many articles and videos are posted to educate you about the process of showing and selling new homes, including the benefits of new construction homes.

One of the most innovative features is the free, branded Consumer Portal you can use on your website which serves as a way to both attract potential buyers and communicate with clients. Brand yourself as a local new home expert with this multi-purpose Consumer Portal, and drive new sales leads, engage with clients, and share customized searches and listings.

Potential home buyers can use your Portal to search for new homes and communities using a variety of advanced criteria including cities, school districts and home features. They can download PDF reports on builders and communities, contact you to learn more about new home options, and provide feedback directly through the site. Plus, you can track all client activity on the Consumer Portal and respond with timely, helpful communications.

Plot a course for yourself and your clients and shore up on your new construction selling skills. View our video to learn more or feel free to contact IRES.

Niki Kozak
Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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