Broker Feature: Chris Hardy’s Favorite IRES Tools for Increased Productivity

Technology is rapidly changing the way the entire real estate industry operates. At IRES, we strive to provide brokers with access to the latest technological advances and integrate the best and most innovative tools available into our proprietary MLS system. We recently added a pair of new tools, Graphiq and Everlance, which will help brokers provide their clients with more in-depth data while saving them time. These additions came at the ideal time as Colorado’s spring and summer real estate rush is rapidly approaching.

One real estate broker taking advantage of our homegrown MLS system is Chris Hardy and his team at Elevations Real Estate. Hardy has been licensed since 2003, and Elevations is in its fifth year of existence. Located in Old Town Fort Collins, Elevations’ focus is local — the local community, client base, businesses and economy. Elevations is a modern real estate brokerage, focused on innovation and maintaining a technological advantage in order to stay out in front of an ever-evolving market.

“The biggest challenge with IRES is picking your favorite feature,” Hardy said. “There’s just so many things that IRES does well, so narrowing that down and keeping up with all of the cool things that they continue to add can pose a challenge.”

When asked about his favorite IRES MLS features for increased productivity, Hardy listed carts, MySite, mobile functionality and the IRES customer service.

Cart Feature:
While “old school”, the cart feature changed the way Hardy can aggregate listing data for his clients and he noted that it’s a good way to organize data, working from macro to micro.

“I don’t have to bounce back and forth between carts,” Hardy said. “I can throw data into one cart and extract it from that cart into another. It streamlines my ability to manage data and create reports.”

Hardy also discussed how valuable MySite is, in terms of maintaining regular, meaningful communication with clients.

“If a new listing comes on the market, I’m notified AND my clients are notified instantly,” Hardy said.  “Once we have the information about the new listing, we can be first in for showings – that’s an advantage that Trulia, Zillow, Redfin,, and even can’t match!”

Unlike some other MLS systems that operate on a 15 or 20 minute delay, the real-time ability of IRES’s MLS system gives Hardy an advantage with MySite automated searches.

 Mobile Functionality:
The best things about IRES, according to Hardy, is the increase in productivity the mobile functionality of the system provides. Mobile IRESis allows brokers to quickly access listings and perform advanced searches while on the road from a smartphone or tablet.

“Real estate is not a career, its a lifestyle,” Hardy said. “I’m not tied to a laptop or my office and I can list and sell real estate wherever I have a cell signal. The mobile aspect and not having to be in the office is critical to productivity because we are always on the go.”

Customer Service:
Finally, Hardy touted the numerous benefits of the customer service culture we’ve cultivated at IRES, citing consistent, excellent service.

“Day in and day out, they’re super helpful,” Hardy said. “They are beyond a shadow of a doubt, the backbone that keeps IRES moving. I know most of the folks by name, and IRES sets the bar for what excellent customer service looks like.”

If a broker ever has a question or trouble operating the MLS system, the customer service team is always on hand to quickly solve the problem or answer the question.

With the bustling spring real estate season in full swing, and a busy summer season right around the corner, the time is now to take advantage of everything our in-house MLS system has to offer.

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