Revised Meth Ordinance Passed First Reading

Last week the City Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance on first reading intended to update Longmont’s municipal code regarding the occupancy of meth amphetamine-contaminated properties. The ordinance expands the definition of a meth affected property to include “a subject property where methamphetamine has been  manufactured, processed, cooked, disposed of, used, or stored, and all proximate areas where there is sufficient indicia of contamination as a result of the manufacturing, processing, cooking, disposal, use, or storage of methamphetamine or the chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine. A multi-unit building (such as an apartment complex, condominium, or commercial building) may contain more than one methamphetamine affected property.” This expanded definition allows the City include residences contaminated by the storage or use of the drug as well as properties used as meth labs.

In addition, the ordinance adds pre-constructed units such as manufactured and mobile homes. The ordinance also adds the Code Enforcement Division to the list of departments that can inspect properties for meth activities in addition to fire, police and building inspection. Finally, it includes a process by which an owner can appeal the City’s Declaration of Methamphetamine Affected Property, giving an owner 10 days to request a hearing after which the City could determine the owner has waived the right to a hearing and the adjudication of the related issues. The ordinance was scheduled for second reading and a public hearing on June 13.

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