Council Approves Agreement for Broadband Feasibility Study

The City of Greeley has allocated $50,000 and Windsor has appropriated $35,000 for a broadband study. According to Assistant City Manager Victoria Runkle, “both cities know they have some broadband infrastructure that might be useful to ensure the best possible service to residents and businesses. Given both cities were going to conduct a feasibility study and because both share boundaries and other infrastructure where broadband assets may reside, it makes sense to issue one joint RFP (request for proposal) rather than two separate ones.”

While the Council may have approved the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Windsor, it must get approval from voters to study the feasibility of creating its own broadband infrastructure or allowing a private entity to do so. In 2005 SB-152 passed the legislature after heavy lobbying from internet providers. It generally prohibits local governments from considering or providing broadband without voter permission. The Council is scheduled to discuss putting such a measure on the fall ballot at its next regular meeting on June 20. Note: Longmont is the only municipality in Northern Colorado with its own internet utility. Fort Collins and Loveland received permission from their voters to research the issue in 2015.

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