IRES Opens New Facility for Developers

Advances in technology are disrupting almost every industry and real estate is no different. At IRES, we are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art technology and we combine the best tools on the market with our in-house MLS system to offer our customers the optimal experience.

IRES has an in-house technology team that allows us to develop innovative tools and we are excited to announce that we officially opened a new facility for our developers. This new office is larger and offers our developers much more space for collaboration and innovation, highlighting IRES’s continued investment in our phenomenal developers and our in-house technology.

The new facility opened on May 1 and is located at 1611 S. College Ave., Ste. 202 in Fort Collins.

“As we grew, we were segmented unnaturally,” said Colby Ackerfield, IRES CTO.

“In the new space we can group people according to how they work together and we have more options, in general, for collaboration.”


When we were looking for a new space, we wanted to find one that offered a mixture of quiet and collaborative spaces. Some of the new options this facility offers include private areas to work in, conference rooms, community spaces and a full kitchen with a family-style table.

“The kitchen is a great meeting space,” Ackerfield said. “A real casual, natural place for conversation and collaboration and it’s an unusual benefit to have a full-kitchen.”

Since the new facility is just a short walk away from the former facility, we are able to maintain the same local presence we’ve always had in Fort Collins while accommodating all of the developers who were happy commuting to the old facility.

This new facility exhibits the continued investment we put into our technology team. Without the incredible value our developers bring to the table, we would not be able to deliver the optimal MLS system and best experience to our customers,” said Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO. “This new office reflects IRES’ commitment to providing the best technology on the market.”

Watch our video for a full tour of the new facility:

2 thoughts on “IRES Opens New Facility for Developers

  1. Collaboration is key!!! So much growth and innovation comes from it. Awesome facility. Always have been a huge fan of Laura and IRES. You all just keep impressing. Congrats on your new space.

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