Go Where No Realtor® Has Gone Before – With Everlance

Wasn’t it fun to finally be able to snap our flip phones shut like Captain Kirk?  Now as you boldly go across the Front Range Frontier seeking showings, closings, and more, you can add another cool tool to your space age phone. Because, isn’t it only logical to make your hectic life as simple as possible?

Imagine: After a tough day of real estate exploration, you step out of your car and a magical GPS based app pops a question on your phone…

  • Was that trip you took to 165 Mountain Ave for business or personal? With a simple right swipe you say “Business!”
  • Was that trip you took to Land Title for business or personal? You swipe right, “Business!”
  • What about that trip to King Soopers? With a left swipe this time, you mark that one “Personal”.

You have now updated your Captain’s log for the day. You have thoroughly tracked all your mileage in the Everlance app and backed it up on the cloud.

Later that evening as you sip your Romulan Ale, you swipe through your bank account expenses, too. They seamlessly integrated into Everlance after you added your account information.

At the end of the year, when the Federation wants an accounting of your expenses, you create an Everlance Expense report for your taxes. Every 1,000 miles is worth $540 as a business expense you don’t have to pay taxes on. The average Everlance user records over $3,500 a year in deductions.

Even James T Kirk would be impressed.

You can use it for FREE which includes 30 automatically tracked trips per month. Because you are an IRES subscriber, upgrade to Premium at the discounted rate of $48 annually to receive unlimited automatic trips, bank integration and PDF reports.



Live long and prosper. Kirk out!

Niki Kozak
By Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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