Pay Your IRES MLS Fees By Text

Have you ever paid a bill via a text message?  It makes life so simple!  Follow these easy steps to pay your IRES MLS bill on your phone.

“I love the ability to not only have a reminder that my invoices are prepared, but also to have such a simple way to authorize the payment and get my receipt! No more rushes on the last day to get IRES paid!” …Sean M Dougherty, Re/Max Alliance

  1. Go to
  • If you have already registered your Invoice Cloud account, click Sign In and go to Step 2
  • If you haven’t registered your account yet:
    a. Click Register Now
    b. Enter your Agent Code (found under My Info in and your name
    c. Create a password and enter the secure code

2. On the “Your Account at a Glance” screen, select “Edit” next to “Pay by Text”:


3. Select “Email and Text” in the “How would you like to receive Invoice Notifications?” drop down. Then enter your phone number and press the “Save My Changes” button.


That’s it! Now when your IRES fees are due you will receive a text message and can click the link to pay. Need help? Give us a call at 1-800-596-4901.

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