Graphiq: Knowledge Delivered Visually

When looking for a new home, consumers are hungry for information about the property and lifestyle of the area. How are the schools rated? How long will the commute be?  Have home sales been strong in that area with low foreclosure rates?

Graphiq displays that information in interesting, intuitive graphs that buyers love. IRES is excited to be the first CoreLogic client to make Graphiq available to brokers and homebuyers. These interesting visualizations are located in the IRESis Report Window (Neighborhood tab), on MySite, and on our popular consumer site,®.

Lauren Hansen“The public has access to more data than ever, but a lot of it can be difficult to understand. We’re helping Colorado brokers and homebuyers make better real estate decisions by visually representing complex data in a way that is clear and comprehensible. The data visualizations from Graphiq and CoreLogic are excellent for our purposes.” Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO

Using data from CoreLogic and a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education and the American Community Survey, these striking visual representations provide deep insights and valuable context about properties and communities.

In addition to educating clients, use Graphiq to market yourself. Click the Share button to easily post graphs to Facebook and Twitter, or include a link in your monthly e-newsletter campaign, blog post, or website. For example, you could include something like this: View Southeast Fort Collins School ratings here. Give us a call if you need any help, we’re happy to assist you!

Niki Kozak
By Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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