Colorado: Bill to Reduce Carpooling Occupancy Requirements Passes Hearing

HB-1348, “Prohibit HOV Requirement on North I-25 Express Lanes,” would reverse CDOT’s new express lane policy, which requires three occupants (HOV-3) for free use of any new express lane on North I-25. Instead, the bill would make an express lane free for vehicles with two occupants.

The problem with the bill, according to CDOT, is that it threatens the viability of the Phase One project between SH 14 (Mulberry) and SH 402 (Loveland) because the projected toll revenues are based on the HOV-3 model, which will be a significant portion of the project funding. This is why NCLA opposes the bill. (CAR hasn’t taken a position on HB-1348 yet). The bill cleared the House Local Government Committee on April 26 although Rep. Hugh McKean, a co-sponsor of the bill, did not vote to support it in committee after receiving negative feedback from local governments and others who are advocating to expand North I-25.

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