Spring into Spring with our Newest Technology Features: Graphiq and Everlance

One of our primary missions at IRES is to give brokers access to the latest technology innovations and integrate the best tools on the market into our home grown MLS system. Because the real estate high season started early this year, we are excited to announce the addition of two new tools, Graphiq and Everlance, which will help brokers provide more in-depth data to their buyers while saving time just as Colorado’s spring and summer rush approaches.

IRES is proud to be the first CoreLogic client nationwide to integrate Graphiq, a data visualization software for U.S. homebuyers offered through CoreLogic. CoreLogic provides data for their Graphiq tool to aggregate and provide responsive data visualization that graphically illustrates property lot, tax and transaction information, as well as mortgage trends, school rates, commute times and demographic breakdowns. Using data from CoreLogic and a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education and the American Community Survey, these striking visual representations provide deep insights and valuable context about properties and communities.

“IRES strives to push the real estate industry’s technology expectations forward, which is why we have our own in-house Lauren HansenMLS system, so that our customers can experience a system that is responsive and nimble,” said Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES. “Graphiq takes housing data to the next level for brokers, giving them the visuals and information to help their customers easily make an informed decision and IRES is honored to be the first MLS system in the nation to implement Graphiq.”

IRES subscribers can access Graphiq on the MLS system, buyers can view it on the IRES client portal, MySite, and consumers can enjoy the same information on ColoProperty.com®.

IRES is also introducing the Everlance app, a tool that allows brokers to easily track mileage and expenses. Everlance has an automatic trip detection, which ensures all miles are tracked using smart GPS. In addition, Everlance also offers easy tracking of all deductible expenses so our customers can save more on taxes. IRES was pleased to negotiate a discounted Premium Plan price for their subscribers.

“Tax season is a nightmare for real estate professionals and we want to make sure that brokers can spend more time focusing on their customers and less time on taxes, which why we introduced Everlance,” continued Hansen.

IRES is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and the best MLS system on the market. We appreciate your feedback on the new tools, so please feel free to send us a note at info@ires-net.com.

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