FAQ’s: Tips For New IRES Users Accustomed To Matrix

Many new IRES subscribers who are accustomed to Matrix may be confused by the differences between IRESis and Matrix. We hope this FAQ will address your questions. If we have not answered your question, leave us a comment and we will add it!

Add Listings
Search Listings

Add Listing Section

Q: How do I enter a listing and not make it active until I’m ready?
A: Enter all listing information, including the status of Active, at the beginning of the process. All listings are saved as a “Draft” listing and will not be live until you click the “Create MLS Listing” button at the end:




Q: Where are the Listing Input Forms so I know which fields are required when I enter a listing?
A:  Click here for the forms. You can also find them on IRESis.com under the Resources menu, “Forms & Docs”.

Search Listings Section

Q: How do I search for Active listings only and not include Under Contract listings?
A: Select the Active status only, as shown below. Active/Backup is an active listing with a contingency contract (still showing and taking backups). Active/First Right is an active listing with a First Right of refusal (still showing and taking offers).




Q: How do I turn a saved search into an Automated Search?
A: After you open your search click the “Prospects” link and choose “Create as Prospect”. That will lead you through the process to add your client as a Contact and automate your search.




Q: Where are Hotsheets located?
A: Under the “Report” menu in IRESis.

Q: Where do REcolorado listings appear on IRESis.com?
A: REcolorado listings are not included anywhere on IRESis. They are also not included in InfoSparks or any other integrated products. However, we suggest using “Find” as a worthwhile tool, located under the Search menu on IRESis.com.  View our Find training video here.

CMA Section

Q: How do I create a CMA report in IRESis?
A: Click “Print Reports” and choose from the CMA Short, Full, or 3 UP reports.

Q: What if I need to make adjustments to my CMA?
A: CloudCMA is included in your IRES subscription at no additional cost, which allows you to make adjustments and create an attractive report. In addition, you can create Flyers, Property Brochures and Buyer Tours for showings. It is located on the IRESis Start Screen or, after you select your comps, click the CloudCMA button in the Report Window.

MySite Section

Q: What is “MySite” and how does it work?
A: MySite is our client portal that allows your clients to view, rate, and comment on listings you send them. When creating your Contact, enable MySite and create a password.  View our video for more details.

Showings Section

Q: What is the best way to set up showings?
A: Select the listings you want to show, then click “Print Reports”, and choose the “Showing Guide”. The “For Showings Contact” phone number and/or a link to set up showings online will display.





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4 thoughts on “FAQ’s: Tips For New IRES Users Accustomed To Matrix

  1. I SERIOUSLY dislike Matrix. It is difficult and cumbersome and I hope we don’t end up with that system. PLEASE !!!!

  2. Very strongly agree with Annette. Would add a great deal of dismay and frustration that our MLS systems have elected to punish their customers would pay their way, in creating the completely unacceptable situation of needing to duplicate efforts in multiple systems.

  3. Ugh, I feel the opposite. I do not like the IRES system at all but am now being forced to join in order to not miss listings. This is terrible and I wish the two companies would figure this out sooner than later. Such an inconvenience.

  4. The Matrix is not a very easy system to work with. I think by the time this whole this is worked out, Ires will lose out and the Matrix platform will be it.

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