Greeley: Council Approves Land Use Amendments

On April 4, the City Council approved two sets of amendments related to subdivision and planning processes. The first set of proposed changes parallels existing policy and codes for water and sewer infrastructure built by development. The proposed amendment for streets acknowledges that, when a development is required to install and pay for road infrastructure for connectivity purposes that is disproportionate to its ultimate total use of it, the initial developer should have an opportunity for “fair-share” reimbursement. The changes allow a developer (for up to 10 years after the initial construction) to be reimbursed by any intervening development that subsequently occurs along the roadway corridor.

The second set of proposed amendments will allow for the dedication of land for parks, consistent with decisions previously made regarding the structure of development impact fees and park service levels. This set of code changes proposes to have land dedicated to the City of Greeley for parks as part of the subdivision process for residential uses. The amount of land will be proportionate to the number of new residents the development would create. This change has been planned ever since the City adopted development impact fees. In the past, park impact fees were calculated for the cost of both purchasing land and building parks. Now the current impact fees are calculated based only on the cost of constructing a park.

Initially the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado was unhappy with the proposed park land dedication requirement, however Community Development Director Brad Mueller and his staff worked with the builders to alleviate their concerns.

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