Fort Collins: Municipal Election Results

Wade Troxell was re-elected mayor, winning a decisive 57 percent of the vote, defeating opponents Edie Hudetz and Kwon Atlas.  In District 1, Bob Overbeck won a second term, beating Nate Budd by 15 percentage points. In the closest race, Ken Summers defected Gordon Coombes by a seven percent margin to take the District 3 seat. Ross Cunniff easily defeated Duane Hansen by a 40-point margin. The results of the election mean that Gerry Horak will continue to be the swing vote. If Nate Budd had won the District 3 seat, the business-oriented faction would have a 4-3 majority.

Note: The Home Builders of Northern Colorado, the Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® and the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce supported Mayor Troxell and Ken Summers. All three groups endorsed Nate Budd in the hope he could replace Bob Overbeck.

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