Front Range Searches & Beyond: (Re)introducing FIND

In life we are lucky if we find just a few good friends. You know the kind – you can lose touch for days, months, even years and when you speak again it’s like no time has passed! What does this have to do with the MLS, you ask? I will answer that by introducing you to an old friend of mine.

This is – located under the IRESis Search menu, this product has been a part of the IRES system for many years, but you may have lost touch. Since you two haven’t spoken in so long I’ll take a few minutes to re-introduce you to some of the great features and benefits this program offers, including searching by MLS and a variety of reporting options.

Search by MLS source: You can search for properties listed in any MLS in the country by using the prefix m: and then the MLS name in the text search box. For example, to view REColorado listings you would use the following search: m: Metrolist Denver.

Search by text or Map shape: FIND’s smart text-search will recognize criteria such as “detached” “for sale” and more to make your searches easier! Additionally, you can click on the Map option in the lower right corner and draw a shape to get very specific.

Create a HotFeed: Save your search criteria as a “Hot Feed” which allows you to login and see what is new/has changed that meet that criteria since you last searched. While this does not run automatically, it’s a great way to avoid sending duplicate listings to your buyers. PRO TIP: the number next to the Hotfeed name is the number of results since you last accessed it – if it says zero, nothing new has come up since your last search.

Appraisers: We have not forgotten you! The DataMaster software ( allows you to create reports with listings from multiple MLS’s. In addition, you have the option to export raw listing data by using the listing Exports we created for DataMaster and Export for 1004MC. To export listings, click the Export button on the Report Window grid and follow these directions.

With so many search options, FIND is a great friend to have in the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market! To learn more watch our recorded webinar below, download the Quick Guide or call the IRES office for more information.


Jessica Weatherly
Training Specialist

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