Region: Johnstown Bows to Pressure

Last week the Johnstown Town Council did not ratify the agreement to donate $6 million for the SH 402 interchange redesign as part of the I-25 Phase One project. At the last moment the town’s mayor, who had helped broker the deal, got cold feet. He argued Johnstown should not have to contribute $6 million to the project since the town is smaller than Loveland. Loveland City Council members countered, saying Johnstown has annexed three of the four corners of the interchange and could have a lot to gain by future development there.

Fortunately, the Town Council changed its mind Monday night after receiving negative feedback from the other government partners in the project and its own citizens.  In a unanimous vote the Council voted to provide $6 million for the 402 interchange, per the original regional agreement. This is great news because Weld County’s $1 million donation was contingent on Johnstown’s participation. The Loveland City Council had already agreed to give $6 million and Larimer County agreed to give $1 million.

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