Boulder County: County Adopts Oil and Gas Regulations

On March 23, the Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt new regulations for oil and gas operations in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County. The new regulations are the most stringent in the State of Colorado.

During their deliberations, the Commissioners expressed their continued regret and frustration that state law preempts local control in many areas of oil and gas development. Commissioner Elise Jones said, “While we wish we could completely control or prevent all aspects of oil and gas development within Boulder County, we are doing everything we can under the current law to protect our local air, water, public health, and the environment with these new regulations.”

All applications will undergo a special review process. New oil and gas operations will be required to do air quality monitoring, institute hydrocarbon emissions control measures, water quality tests, and offer “disruption payments” to neighbors affected by drilling among other requirements.

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