Joint Announcement by IRES & REcolorado

After being appointed on March 17, T3 MLS is pleased to report that extensive discussions (more than 12 hours) were held with the shareholders, boards of directors and executives of both REcolorado and IRES on March 23-24.

We can confirm that there is a serious intent and strong commitment by all the parties to work towards MLS consolidation. This is being pursued in an aggressive timeline and we hope to have a clear roadmap that all parties can agree to in place before the end of April followed by a recommended permanent long-term solution by the summer of 2017.

Both MLS organizations, as well as the 8 Realtor Shareholder Associations understand that brokers/agents must deliver quality service and provide consumers with data that is of equal or higher standard than that offered by other parties.

As we move towards placing Colorado Realtors® in a professional position we request that everyone, for the benefit of all, please suspend judgment and cease disparaging comments, both off and online.

We appreciate your support and confirm our commitment to an expeditious solution.

Stefan Swanepoel and Kevin McQueen
T3 MLS / T3 Sixty, Inc. /

2 thoughts on “Joint Announcement by IRES & REcolorado

  1. Disparaging comments will probably cease when data sharing is reinstated, preferably IMMEDIATELY! You are harming our clients.

  2. Without disparaging our local boards, which generally do very good jobs, why does this sound like a small group of people are going behind closed doors to make very big decisions that affect all of us. I’m thinking a far more inclusive discussion will lead to considerably more satisfactory results.

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