Screen Properties First – Then Send To Buyers

Don’t have a solid relationship with your potential buyer yet?

Instead of sending listings automatically, screen them first and call your buyer about new properties, or email/post them to MySite manually with a handcrafted note. This allows you to establish trust over time and solidify the relationship.


On the Prospects screen, still select an automatic run time but…

  1. Change “Post results to MySite?” to “No”
  2. Uncheck “Email Results/MySite Notification”
  3. Uncheck the “Home” email address.

Like this:


  1. Each day, view the new listings matches on your Messages screen. A link to Messages is located on the Start Screen or under the User Admin menu.
  2. Click “View All Search Results” within the message to bring up the Report Window.
  3. Select the desired listings and either call your client, email them with a special note about the properties, or click the “MySite” button and send your client an email notification with a unique note just for them.

Questions? Give us a call!

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