REcolorado and IRES Appoint T3 MLS to Facilitate Expanded Regional MLS Discussions

REcolorado and IRES are pleased to announce the two MLS organizations have joined together to appoint T3 MLS, a division of T3 Sixty, to explore and facilitate discussions between all appropriate stakeholders with the intent of creating a new expanded regional MLS in Colorado.

The official discussions and negotiations are scheduled to start this week and will be led by Stefan Swanepoel and Kevin McQueen. Negotiations will be pursued as a matter of urgency and will involve multiple stakeholders, who will be afforded an opportunity to raise needs, wants, and concerns. All stakeholders involved in the discussions will be asked to refrain from arranging or participating in any other private meetings or discussions to allow T3 to facilitate this complex and highly charged situation. Coordinated communications will be issued as progress is made.

We are excited about this new development and look forward to working together to better serve the brokers and agents of Colorado.

Jim Wanzeck
Chairman: REcolorado

Kirby Slunaker
President & CEO: REcolorado

Dan Kingdom
Chairman: IRES

Lauren Hansen

20 thoughts on “REcolorado and IRES Appoint T3 MLS to Facilitate Expanded Regional MLS Discussions

  1. I’ve used both. IRES’ system is superior to RE in so many ways … the usability isn’t even close! Whatever the future collaboration looks like, please don’t let RE’s platform be the future for IRES users!!

  2. Love to see a definition of “all appropriate stakeholders” . . . the most important of these stakeholders should be the day to day users of the MLS systems, the licensed real estate professionals! Given that we have been notably ignored and abused for quite a while and to great extreme most recently . . . let’s hope this will be remedied very soon.

    Show us some good faith – restore the data sharing immediately, and until something significantly better and appealing to all users can be established! Let’s see rapid progress and remedy the current pain and chaos quickly!!!

    We would very much like to see unified , synchronized, distributed data, with equal access to all professionals. Allow / encourage diversity of free market competition of front-end MLS system to provide access to the common pool of data. We DO NOT wish to see a one and only one monopoly be the only solution available. This should not be a battle over favorite flavor, Coke or Pepsi . . . choice is a great thing!

    1. At this point I don’t really care how this is resolved – info sharing, merger – but what I do know is that I am not going to pay two MLS fees for very long.

  3. I agree with what Geoff says. The IRES system, while it’s mobile experience is bogged down with the use of outdated technology such as frames, is still vastly superior to the 1991 era designs of the Matrix system from REColorado. I’ve never liked Matrix and being forced to use it for the past month has become one of the big jokes around the office as everything takes 3x longer to do and the UI is ungainly and nothing obvious works like it would be expected.

    1. Totally Agree. I left REColorado after sing it for my first 2 months as a REALTOR for IRES. After being “forced” to sign up with them again after years of using IRES, it’s even more painful than I remember. I was hoping they made improvements over the years but clearly they don’t care to invest in the end user experience. The system is awful.

  4. I would hope if a new MLS is created they consult appraisers. There are some fundamental things which can be done which will allow appraisals to be completed faster and with better accuracy. And if it’s one platform or the other I hope it is IRES. It is a better platform in every way.

  5. I truly believe IRES is far superior to RE Colorado’s Matrix system. Its so much easier to use, there’s no comparison. I am now forced to use RE Colorado Matrix and its very cumbersome. Why can’t they just learn from IRES and improve their system? IRES puts their customers first – its obvious.

  6. As an appraiser in the northern suburbs, working this past month has been time consuming and very frustrating! Agreed that IRES system is much more user friendly. I have had both MLS systems for many years and prefer to use IRES hands down. Please find a way to keep the IRES platform.

  7. Restore data sharing and show that intentions to serve Brokers and Public are the highest priority for the entities to work things out. No matter how many times I read the RE Colorado’s position on why data sharing was stopped, I still can’t make sense of it.

  8. I have been practicing for over 18 years and have seen some changes that I disdain. I finally dropped MLS because they were not responsive to their customers, and they underwent a few iterations that frustrated me to no end. And ultimately found their platform clunky and not well designed.

    IRES has been a rock and I greatly appreciater the way they have communicated with and maintained customer service throughout those years. It really upsets me that IRES is now in negotiations to consolidate the MLS under a single platform ostensibly because MLS was no longer cooperating in data sharing.

    My bottom line, if the two MLSs combine and the user has to endure the MLS platform as-opposed-to the IRES platform, that will be the end of my real estate career. And I take umbrage to the comment “for the benefit of all, please suspend judgment and cease disparaging comments, both off and online”. That statement feels very controlling to me and I won’t pay for services from anyone with that attitude.

  9. Please keep the IRES format / platform. Its superior to RE Colorado. Please take into consideration your users – we pay your salaries.

  10. I can’t believe I have been having to check on Zillow to make sure I find everything that is active in my market. Please share data.

  11. I can’t believe I had to use Zillow to ensure I found everything that is active in my market. Please start sharing data so we do not have to start paying Zillow for access to listings.

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