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We want to set the record straight about the IRES MLS system.

There have been a few REColorado representatives who have openly criticized IRES for using ColdFusion, a programming code that makes up a part of our MLS system, claiming that it is antiquated and not fit for innovation.

This characterization shows a lack of understanding about what is and why it is loved by our subscribers.

We do use ColdFusion but that is only a fraction of a much larger system. Our system also uses Java, Ruby, Python and all the standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. We have a wide variety of tools at our disposal and we regularly use the tool that will provide us with the most advantage. Our technology stack is primarily based on open-source technologies with ColdFusion being one of the exceptions.

“A 20 year old programming language is hardly a liability and I’d doubt you’d find many enterprise based systems that aren’t using a language that is at least 20 years old,” said Colby Ackerfield, IRES Chief Technology Officer. “Even the web’s darling, Javascript, is 21 years old. ColdFusion is a Java based language. Java technologies are among the most performant and mature technologies on the web.”  Many other technologies in use today have been around for decades: PDF documents were introduced in 1993 and UNIX dates back to the 1960’s.

The chief advantage that IRES has over the competition is that our development is focused on exactly what our brokers want and need. Unfortunately, because of the huge variety in data sets and the number of systems in the MLS world, other vendors are forced to spend a significant amount of time working on features that benefit a fraction of their users and implementing ways to adapt to all the customization different markets demand.

As a general philosophy, IRES is always looking to see what can be provided from vendors before we build new features or modules.

“One of the key roles of any innovative MLS is to be a system integrator. IRES has integrations with many vendors including Realist (Corelogic), CloudCMA, DocuSign, CSS, 10K Research, and Listtrac,” continued Ackerfield. “There are many great vendors in the real estate technology space and IRES prides itself on how well we are to able partner with these innovators, often launching MLS integrations long before national vendors even begin integrating them in their work queues.”

Others are taking notice as well.   IRES was featured in an article authored by Matt Cohen of Clareity Consulting entitled “Homegrown and Happy” And a recent satisfaction survey of IRES customers revealed 92% were either Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with the IRES system. That speaks volumes.

21 thoughts on “Setting The Record Straight About

  1. Wow, REColorado has the nerve to criticize, It took years for them to revamp their site. I remember when they just kept adding to it and it was so outdated that you kept having to go to a new page. 5 steps to go one place. Ires still is a lot faster.

  2. Have always found IRES to be user friendly. It is my preferred system after 32 years of doing research for real estate appraisals.

  3. They are just sore losers. When I go on their site it is not user friendly and does not show as much as IRES. They are playing it off like they are great………

  4. I am mainly an IRES user, however I have use both REcolorado & IRES and I never did like the REcolorado platform. Keep up the good work and if changes are in our future the one thing I would ask for is to keep the IRES platform. Love it!

  5. The reason I don’t want IRES to join with REColorado is because IRES is a much more user friendly system. Thanks IRES

  6. I’ve been using IRES for the 3+ years I’ve been in this business. It’s a great MLS system. I’ve had no issues to speak of. You always keep the information current and apprise us of any glitches or down time. In terms of REColorado, a wise man once told me “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” I’ve always remembered that.

  7. Thank you Colby and team for making IRES what it is today: a very user friendly, robust system that helps my business every day!

  8. Oh for goodness sakes, who cares? This is just another excuse to keep two MLS systems. Enough with arguing on who is better and find a way to work together or merge. We’re paying for two administrations that are making our jobs more difficult and acting like petulant children. It’s embarrassing.

  9. Ha! Anyone who has used both systems will tell you the IRES system shines. Duh. I actually spoke to one appraiser who told me he dreaded having to us Metrolist when he took an order, lol.

  10. IRES is far more user-friendly, intuitive and robust than REColorado. Although… I do like that clients can search the MLS themselves with REColoraodo (that is pretty sweet).

  11. Ires actually responds to the users, even to us appraisers. The amount of data, the method presented and the quick responses, all make this system better than many. Thanks IRES.

  12. Why do i sense that REColorado is scared of the user-friendly nature of IRES. One strategy in the business world that’s employed frequently is “Buyout” leveraged or otherwise. REColorado undoubtedly sees IRES as a threat which may explain their behavior toward IRES.

  13. Thank you for setting the record straight. There is no doubt in my mind IRES is a much friendlier platform, very user friendly and a premier system in comparison to the confusing and difficult format of the REcolorado platform. REcolorado mapping is terrible in comparison, as are many other functions including formatting of the listing details on paper and on the screen.

  14. The ‘Homegrown and Happy’ article is before the split. I bet if you surveyed the Ires users now you would find a lot less than 92% satisfied.

  15. IRES wasn’t Macintosh friendly way back when…. but now, it is easily cross-platform and easy to use. I’ve used 5 different MLS systems, and IRES is the best. Yes, some improvement are needed, but what software package is perfect? It’s reliable, safe and secure, and works! No complaints from this user!

  16. I love IRES, I find it to be much more user friendly than ReColorado. Ultimately, IRES honors its relationship with its primary users. ReColroado’s continued attacks on IRES are propaganda.

  17. I use both and REColorado is more user friendly by leaps and bounds. Any comment to the contrary simply hasn’t taken time to learn it. Data share on both sides causes inaccuracy due to non compatibility. After using REColorado going back to IRES is like the 1990s. The interactive portal for customers is also superior in REColorado. Bottom line – the public could care less about the infighting. They don’t want to search two sites or be flooded with duplicates. So we’ve handed them to Zillow. Non- of my comments never make it to the blog. IRES is editing to only show favorable feedback. It’s wrong on so many levels.

    1. Karen, there are two ways to comment:

      1. Publicly on this blog. All comments are approved.

      2. Through our Google questionnaire, which is private to IRES. On 2/1 you sent us feedback on the private form ( We have clarified on that form that those comments are not necessarily made public.

      Feel free to comment on any blog post on this site and it will be approved for all to see.

  18. Does “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION” really mean “we only post pro-IRES comments” I screen shot my posts. They don’t make it to your one sided blog. I’m still documenting on my end!!

  19. Ires actually responds to the users, even to us appraisers.
    Feel free to comment on any blog post on this site and it will be approved for all to see.

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