Fort Collins: Short-Term Rentals Ordinance Passes First Reading

After months of outreach, the City of Fort Collins unanimously passed two short-term rental (STR) ordinances on first reading. One ordinance amends the Land Use Code and limits primary STRs (owner-occupied) units to 20 zones that allow small (six bedrooms or less) hotels or B&Bs. Non-primary (not owner occupied) STRs will be allowed 13 zones that allow hotels or B&Bs of any size. Off-street parking requirements depend on the unit’s number of bedrooms. The second ordinance outlines licensing requirements. For example, each license costs $200 and is tied to the person and not the property being licensed. The license number must be included in all advertising and the license must be posted at the property.

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® called the zoning requirements for non-primary STRs “a de facto ban due to the limited number of residences in these areas” and lists a variety of concerns related to the new regulations. The City Council will conduct a public hearing and final reading of the ordinances on March 21.

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