Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Update

The Legislative Policy Committee adopted the following positions at its March 3rd meeting.
HB-1187 “Change Excess State Revenues Cap Growth Factor” Position – Support.  This bill modifies the excess state revenues cap by allowing an annual adjustment for an increase based on the average annual change of Colorado personal income over the last 5 years, rather than adjusting for inflation and population.

The Committee also voted to support several bills related to marijuana, HB-1220 “Prevent Marijuana Diversion to Illegal Market” and HB-1221 “Grey and Black Market Enforcement Efforts.” HB-1220 is intended to reduce the likelihood of large residential marijuana grows by limiting the number of plants in a single residence to 16. HB-1221, sponsored by Senator John Cooke of Greeley, a former sheriff, creates a grant program to train local law enforcement officers regarding the detection and prosecution of grey or black marijuana operations.

At the LPC meeting, it was announced that lobbyists were scheduled to meet with the Speaker of the House to discuss a potential bill regarding an increase in the State doc fee to fund affordable housing.

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