Fort Collins: Chamber Announces Council Endorsements

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has announced its endorsements for the April City Council election.
Mayor, Wade Troxell vs. Edie Hudetz and Kwon Atlas
District 1, Nate Budd vs. incumbent Bob Overbeck
District 3, Ken Summers vs. Gordon Coombes
District 5, No Endorsement (Ross Cunniff vs. Duane Hansen)

As part of the Chamber’s process, candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire and participate in an interview.  The Chamber Board of Directors, in their review of candidates, considered the responses to the questionnaire and the candidate’s interviews as well as the following traits:  Character/Integrity, Motivated, Balanced, Committed, Electable, Knowledge of Community Issues/Governance, Community Service & Experience and Leadership & Communication Skills.

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