Colorado: Transportation Advocacy Becoming (too) Popular?

Fix North I-25/Fix Colorado Roads has been pushing for a new bonding program to fund key transportation projects for three years. Now other groups have joined the chorus, but there is no consensus on the most realistic transportation funding solution. While more transportation advocacy is good, multiple groups with multiple messages creates confusion, reducing the possibility legislators will agree on one solution or develop the confidence to lead a proposal forward.

For example, MPACT 64, an interesting coalition spanning the political spectrum which includes the Metro Mayors Caucus, CoPIRG, Club 20 and the Colorado Contractors Association, recently wrote to the legislature advocating for at least a .6 percent state sales tax, arguing it would raise $750 million a year. This is not the first time MPACT 64 has pushed for a transportation sales tax. The problem is that a sales tax measure has performed very poorly in several state polls.  Colorado needs a funding solution all transportation advocates can support to succeed in convincing voters to approve a new transportation tax.

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