Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Update

HB 17-1161 “TIF Tax Increment Financing Transparency” Position -Oppose. Status – died in the House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor on February 21st. This bill would have required additional reporting requirements for urban renewal authorities (URAs). CAR opposed this legislation because it would have made these types of urban renewal projects more difficult to enact and operate. The new reporting requirements combined with the extra legal and financial advisement requirements go beyond existing statute.

House Bill 17-1159 “Remedies for Forcible Entry and Detainer” Position – Support. Status – Introduced in the House – Assigned to Judiciary and Appropriations. CAR initiated this bill, sponsored by Senator John Cooke (R-Greeley) and Representative Jon Becker (R- Fort Morgan). It proposes real solutions to reduce the problem of squatters unlawfully possessing property. It will provide courts and law enforcement the necessary tools to protect property owners, as introduced, the bill revises forcible entry and detainer law and establishes the offenses of unlawful occupancy and unlawful re-entry.

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