Help! I need Stats…Fast!


Most have already experienced the multifaceted, mobile-ready InfoSparks, which combines local geography with housing variables, timeframes and market metrics for fast and easy analysis of Northern Colorado market conditions. The ability to share trend data in a clean, intuitive interface has been available to you for some time now, but with the market moving as fast as it is, you don’t always have time to sit down and create a custom graph!

We are pleased to announce the addition of FastStats to your InfoSparks platform – giving you even quicker, even easier access to Stats…Fast! These ready-made monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are available at the click of a button and conveniently offer all of the market metrics available in InfoSparks on an easy-to-read one page report.fs2

Opening InfoSparks and then clicking on the FastStats option in the top navigation bar will lead you to a multitude of consumer ready market reports broken down my county, city, and zip code.

“We started with InfoSparks in October 2015 and have been thrilled with how easily it interprets and shares information about the market,” said Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO. “In addition to the customizable search options offered through InfoSparks, we wanted to add reliable market reports that all of our subscribers could utilize for a market area.”

For more information on this exciting new product come to our next InfoSparks class or call the IRES office or watch our video!




Jessica Weatherly
Training Specialist

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