Introducing: ShowingTime MarketStats



We’re thrilled to announce that IRES has partnered with ShowingTime to provide you with elegant and easy-to-use stats in a new suite of market reports and interactive tools called MarketStats, which includes FastStats, Local Market Updates, Monthly Indicators and an Annual Report to go along with two products IRES already provides – InfoSparks and the quarterly Marketwatch Report. These products will go a long way toward a broader understanding of the prevailing trends in our local housing market.

You can access these tools IRESis through the Reports Menu and selecting InfoSparks Market.


NEW! FastStats is a tidy, map-based interface that displays Local Market Updates, Monthly Indicators, the Annual Report and the Marketwatch Report. Simply select from a drop-down menu or from a map of the local region, and there will be a report waiting for you!

NEW! Local Market Updates are monthly, one-page market reports for nearly 100 predefined geographic areas in the region covering nine key housing metrics for single-family and townhouse/condo properties.

NEW! Monthly Indicators is a monthly market-wide report that covers each of the key metrics in further depth with written analysis, overview pages by property type and historical trends for each metric.

NEW! The Annual Report provides a wide range of useful housing data in a visually clear format that will feed your market knowledge year-round.

Marketwatch Report is a quarterly report that breaks down housing market activity by county and then by the ZIP codes within each county.

InfoSparks, which most IRES subscribers are hopefully already taking advantage of, is a mobile-ready, simple-to-use interactive stats product that changes the way you use and share housing information. It is multifaceted in its ability to combine local geography with customizable housing variables, timeframes and market metrics in order to quickly analyze and share trend data in a clean, intuitive interface.

InfoSparks can generate charts that will support your recommendations at listing presentations by comparing local to regional numbers and for managing client expectations by answering the emotional point of price.

You can emphasize your expertise and knowledge on your website, in blog posts, through email marketing campaigns and on social media. You can also write specifically about a neighborhood, highlight a metric like months’ supply of inventory to show supply and demand, drill into property type variables like ATD-Dwelling and RES-Detached, and position yourself as the market expert by including stats in all marketing materials!

The ShowingTime offering allows us to support your needs in a meaningful way without you having to spend hours creating your own data tables and charts. It’s really all right there!

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