We Have Heard You. We Have A Proposed Solution.

IRES has heard from hundreds of customers by phone, email and social media. First, and most important, THANK YOU for reaching out. Serving our customers is our primary goal, and hearing from you ensures we are on track.

We heard you. Overwhelmingly, you reinforced the critical importance of data garlicchive3sharing. You made it clear how significant it is to your business. We also understand that the issue is not just paying for more than one subscription — it’s about making sure you have the best possible data for your customers regardless of which MLS you subscribe to.

Based on your feedback, we’re taking action. We are proposing REColorado and IRES expand data sharing, effective immediately, to include two years of sold data. In order to best serve you, our collective customer base, we hope REColorado will promptly reciprocate since this will empower our customers to have more information from the most reliable source – their home MLS. Subsequently, a revised CCM Agreement can be crafted around what brokers and appraisers need to professionally serve clients and consumers.

IRES has supported data sharing since it was launched in 2003.  We believe now is the time to expand and improve data sharing, not eliminate it, as REColorado has proposed.  Solutions can be explored for limitations and barriers to the comprehensive information real estate professionals demand.

IRES is making this statement publicly because we believe in transparency.  We want our customers to know we heard you and how we are responding. We will keep you informed about any response we receive from REColorado.

Lauren Hansendan kingdom
Lauren Hansen                   Dan Kingdom
CEO                                Chairman of the Board

5 thoughts on “We Have Heard You. We Have A Proposed Solution.

  1. I like this…
    Headed to a state wide MLS as long as everyone stays in the living room and allow the girls in the kitchen to do the cooking.
    Thanks, B.J.

  2. Hi please also ensure you propose the export capability of both too (so that searches for IRES/Metro can then export everything into xls). This is a huge hassle for using things like Focus 1st to visualize comps for clients in areas that overlap between the two MLS areas. And yes for the ability to send out mailers where there are workarounds, but in the above case there is no way to merge the two systems data exports as they do not match up at all.

  3. One MLS is vitally necessary for agents to best serve our clients. The field mapping has never worked as good as we need to be and do our best job for our clients. Being in the North metro area we waste a significant amount of time cleaning the duplicate listings, square feet and other critical field discrpencies on EVERY CMA we create. We continually get embarrassed on IDX feeds for our clients because we only get the REColorado listings, not the IRES listings which has clients think they need to be on toher sites like Zillow to get all the data. This also limits the exposure for our sellers to because the vast majority of agents property alerts only give REColorado or IRES propety listings, NOT both. This is absolutely unacceptable. There is no good reason to maintain separate MLS systems. Unless and until we create a unified MLS, we will continue to give up market share to competitors like Zillow that get what the consumers want, ALL THE DATA, and are willing to deliver it to the consumer far better that we have chosen or committed to. It’s a shame we have stood by, stuck in our old ways, and watched Zillow become the most visited real estate site for the consumer. The right decision may not be the easy decision, but it’s still the right decision. Let’s get with the times, become one MLS so we can best serve the buying and selling public. To postpone this vital merger will have devastating consequences for our profession.

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