To Zillow Or Not: It’s Up To You

Zillow and IRES

Some brokers love Zillow.  Some don’t.  What many may not realize is that IRES accommodates both perspectives by empowering brokers to make their own listing syndication decisions – for all sites including Zillow, and even®.  We understand these are your listings, not ours, and how you market those listings is your call.   IRES has simply streamlined the process, regardless of your choices.

How does it work?  Managing Brokers have top level control.   Choose whether syndsettingor not your office listings are included in a data feed on the Preferences screen.  Select ‘No’ and listings from your office will not be included in the feed, ever.   Choose ‘Yes’ and agents in your office will have the option to choose Yes or No whenever an individual listing is added or edited.

Why did IRES negotiate a data feed for Zillow?   Quite simply, because the MLS has the ability to negotiate a better deal than individual brokers.  We wanted to pass those advantages along to all IRES subscribers.    Our agreement with the Zillow Group means:

  • The Listing Agent is guaranteed premium placement on every listing. This means your name and contact information will always display at the top of the list, no matter who pays what to Zillow Group.   That placement is reserved for the Listing Agent by virtue of syndicating your listing through the IRES MLS feed.
  • The Listing Agent is guaranteed the ability to receive a lead from the listing page.
  • The listing broker is provided with the ability to have a link back to the same listing on their site (or at your discretion, the MLS public site –®)
  • Listing data is updated every 15 minutes with the IRES data feed. In contrast, a broker handling his or her own upload may have a lag time measured in hours.

Can I manually enter listings on Zillow?  In a recent email Zillow announced: “Zillow Group will no longer accept manually entered listings from agents and brokers as of May 1, 2017We are taking this step to provide buyers and sellers with the highest-quality listings data possible, and to provide agents and brokers with a simple way to market their listings. Broker and MLS feeds are the best way to achieve this.”

Best Practice if Your Listings Display on Zillow – Put your best foot forward by zillowcontactuploading your agent photo to Zillow. Consumers will connect more readily if they can see your face.   It’s free and as long as you use the same email address that you have on IRESis, your profile and listings will be automatically connected.

IRES believes, and always will, that listing syndication decisions should remain in the hands of brokers.  IRES is pleased to be able to streamline that process for your convenience.   If you need help setting Office or Listing syndication preferences, please feel free to contact IRES.

Lauren Hansen


Lauren Hansen, CEO

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