Weld County: Council to Weigh In on BOCC Fight

For years Weld County has bragged about itself as a model government because it has no sales tax and no debt. One reason the Board of Commissioners could work effectively was due to a strong agreement regarding both a governance philosophy and how to solve local issues. However, recently it’s been the focus of a scandal that could overshadow all its accomplishments.

The feud between members of the Board of County Commissioners has received a lot of newspaper space in the last few months – and it’s getting worse. Now, according to the Greeley Tribune, the County Council is weighing into the fight. Weld is the only local government which has an elected five-person Council charged with reviewing “all aspects of County government” and making “periodic written reports to the people.” According to the Greeley Tribune, the Council will wade into the Commissioners’ fracas. http://tinyurl.com/countycouncil. It’s hard to understand how the Council’s involvement in this disaster can help, but time will tell.

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