Loveland: Council Approves I-25 Interchange Improvements

Recently CDOT officials discussed opportunities to improve the I-25/34 and I-25/402 interchanges as part of the Phase One expansion of North I-25. It is less expensive for Loveland to coordinate the improvements while CDOT is working on the highway. CDOT doesn’t have the funding to pay for the interchanges but if local governments can help, it is possible the work can be done during Phase One, which will be complete by 2020.

Specifically, CDOT and City staff discussed expanding the US 34 bridge over I-25, adding one lane in each direction at the cost of $9 million. The 402 interchange needs to be fully configured to eliminate traffic back-ups. The new design would place 402 on bridges going over I-25 at a cost of $36.6 million.  CDOT is also scheduled to discuss the 402 improvements with Johnstown, which would benefit from the project.

The Council voted unanimously to proceed with the two interchange projects. Once the vote was finalized the Council then went into an executive session to talk about negotiations with local property owners to buy the land required for the improvements.
Note: While an editorial in the Jan. 17 Reporter-Herald cast the Council’s decision in a critical light, rather than looking forward to the projects already in progress that will improve I-25, it focused on decisions made 18 years ago and neglected to explain important nuances of CDOT’s policies that are part of the new reality of transportation funding in our state.

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