Colorado: Political Leaders Lay Out Issues for Legislative Session

The 2017 legislation session opened on January 11 and it could be the most productive session in years – if both sides of the aisle can agree on how to solve the state’s most vexing issues – transportation funding and construction defects, to name a few. The new Speaker of the House, Crisanta Duran, and the new Senate President, Kevin Grantham, agree on the key issues but must compromise to agree on solutions.
Governor Hickenlooper also these issues in his State of the State speech on Thursday. However, the Governor emphasized a third issue — using public funds to pay for rural broadband — because there is no incentive for the private sector to invest in more remote areas.

Here’s a link to a story that explains the differences in philosophy between the Democrats and the Republicans. It gets to the heart of the debate we’ll be hearing frequently during the 2017 legislative session.

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