Region: Business Coalition Continues Transportation Lobbying Effort

Have you seen the new climbing lane on southbound I-25 near Berthoud? Sometime next year CDOT will begin work on the $237 million Phase One project, adding a new managed lane in each direction from Fort Collins to south of Loveland. These are tangible results of Fix North I-25’s advocacy efforts to date.

But we’re not done. Our goal is to add an additional lane all the way to Highway 66. In the few years since we began our work the cost of this project has grown from approximately $98 million to a whopping $1.7 billion.

During the upcoming legislative session, our agenda is to successfully introduce a $350 million bonding measure, secure general fund dollars as well as another new revenue source. This is a heavy lift because Republicans don’t like the idea of a new revenue source (possibly a sales tax) and Democrats would prefer that any general fund revenues available go to education.

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