Loveland: New Development Code Procedures Move Forward

The City Council reviewed the second working draft of the recommended Development Review Procedures for the Unified Development Code (UDC) this week. The proposed procedures are Task 2 of the overall work plan that includes four subsequent tasks: Infill and Corridor Development Standards; New Residential Districts; Development Standards; and General Modernization.

The most significant procedural changes proposed include a sketch subdivision plat. This application would give applicants the option of submitting a conceptual plat for initial review and approval instead of the current process which requires a surveyed plat and detailed public improvement construction plans. There is also an option to allow the submission of a Sketch Site Development Plan prior to the applicant being required to submit a fully detailed Site Development Plan with engineered public improvement construction plans.

The new procedures include a variety of other recommendations which will save up-front costs for the developer and streamline the whole process. Staff’s intent is to continue working on other components of the new development code and adopt it in entirety in late 2017.

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